Let your customers decide the price! Give them the ultimate control!

In a recent post on b2b international, The Ultimate In Customer-Driven Pricing, there’s a review of a refreshing means to let your customers decide upon the pricing.

Tomorrow’s marketing trends will be about submitting the control over your products or services to your customers. The best you can do that is to find innovative models to involve your customer and even put him in control of your production, distribution, delivery, promotion, pricing etc.

Letting go of control over what we consider critical, even confidential sometimes, success-driver attributes of our products or services is a scary thought, especially for us, the marketer control freaks up there, but in the end, if we’re to thrive in tomorrow’s markets we need to invent these new models!


Avoid Marketing Buzzwords

Before releaseing your next whitepaper, article, presentation or any other piece of marketing communications you might want to consider proof checking for “marketing lingo” or Marketing Buzzwords. You could start proofchecking for the following buzzwords

Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity Benchmarking Study

Marketing Operations Partners released via PR Web “Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity” benchmarking study. Lots to learn about shifting the role of marketing within companies, especially the Strategy , Guidance, Process , Metrics and Technologyas key drivers in marketing operations maturity.

Great tip for your public speaking sessions?*

I’m  attending these days the ‘Training ‘07′ conference and i noticed a very good old trick that still works to keep people not migrating from one track to the other.

In a conference with many tracks people will tend to migrate from one room to the other to browse around. Especially if a session has been successful and intense, participants will like to get some fresh air. As the speaker next in line, it might be challenging to keep the audience in place just when you are about to setup. Here’s something old but can be applied in so many ways. Some lessons are classical and they still work:)

Just when the previous session ended and next speaker was ready to set-up and take over the conference desk, people were beginning to stand-up and leave the room; at that very moment two assistants started spreading around some small gifts in black silk covers so you could not guess what that gift is. They were only 2 assistants, the room was big, so there was a while before they could cover it by spreading the small incentive.

The point is that this gave the speaker a good 5-7 minutes to catch the audience and make them stay longer in the room, and the audience staid, in the beginning because they were curious to see what they will get in the small black silky bags, and afterwards because the speaker was able to catch their attention. This is a great tip and you can expand this to any other speaking engagement, although you can be innovative to how you can actually apply different techniques to keep people in the room for your session as well.


PS: reporting live from the conference floor… good thing to have mobile conectivity this days

PPS: please note that some people did not left the room also because they felt somewhat obligated to attend after accepting the small gift that they have received. This I know, because in the break I spoke to some of them that really had no interest into the session in the first place… but they still found some value into it at the end.

*This article has been originally posted onto another blog and than migrated here